Why hire a wedding planner

Future newlyweds thrilled with pictures of beautiful locations easily make a decision “I want to make my wedding right there!” Miles away from home, from everything that’s known to them.
Actually, decision is quite easy to make but then the questions emerge: “How are we going to..? Where could I find..? Who should I call for..?”.

Croatia is becoming one of the hip tourist destinations in the world so more and more foreigners are deciding to get married here. Why shouldn’t they when it’s offering so many possibilities and different locations which are unique and special. Blogs, social networks, travel influencers sending out numerous pictures and impressions are attracting foreigners to choose Croatia as the location for the memorable and perfect wedding day.

But then, there is also another part of the story which is less romantic. How to organise a wedding in a country which language you don’t speak, with laws you’re not familiar with and possibly with social culture different from those of your own. Solution comes in one word - wedding planner. This is the person that can make your preparations easier no matter where or how you’re planning to do your wedding.

Trust me, choosing professional wedding planner is the first step after getting engaged.

Why hire a wedding planner - especially if you’re planning your wedding abroad?

How can a wedding planner help you? 

Whoops, the term which can cause you nightmares. Unfortunately it’s essential part of the process and you need somebody who knows the staff at the local district office and who’ll prepare all the papers, get all the needed licences and provide you a stress free wedding.

1.  Bureaucracy

There is a lot of potential locations and although they all seem perfect on the Internet (and Instagram) a lot of them have disadvantages which you can’t be aware of unless you’re on the spot. That’s why you need someone experienced who knows all the flaws, advantages and possibilities of the certain locations and who will know how to adapt the location according to your wishes and needs.

2.  Choosing the location

Imagine your everyday responsibilities , work commitments and then add all sort of details and stuff you need to prepare for the wedding. Seems like mission impossible? Doesn’t need to be. With a little help of professionals, you’ll have a peace of mind knowing that all preparations are going according to plan and you’ll be free from dealing with all the details. Discounts, negotiations, coordination and problem solving is all part of the work that wedding planner will do for you.

3.  Distance

If you’re organising your wedding abroad, things can become complicated especially if you don't speak the local language. Since many vendors are booked months in advance it’s important to plan everything on time. Another reason you’ll need a wedding planner is that he’ll help you deal with all the details, suggesting best hotels, advise you about the flights and transfers, going back and forth between many vendors and suppliers.

4.  Planning, planning

If you decided to hire a wedding planner make sure to choose the best one. Visit their web site, browse the photo galleries, look for their previous work and experiences from the people they worked with. And what’s most important be certain he’ll understand your aesthetics and vision for the day.

This all is important if you want to have a stress free wedding and feeling that everything is under control no matter where you are.
My personal reccomendations for the wedding planners that I had the opportunity and pleasure to work with: 

Lela Design 
Dalmatia Events
Adriatic Weddings
Untamed Adriatic
Let's Celebrate Agency 
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