Photographer is one of the things which you need to book early enough so you can be sure you have the one you like the most. Before you begin researching photographers, first you'll need to decide what type of photography style you prefer. That will help determine which kind of photographer you'll want shooting your wedding. 

Your boyfriend popped the question, you finally said yes and now is the time to start thinking about your wedding preparations. Organising your wedding can be long and complicated but if you start preparing everything on time it can go smoothly, without stress or at least with minimum stress. :-)

After enjoying such a special and joyous day, next morning you're waking up still under the impression of all those emotions and unforgettable moments. And the only thing you wish for is your wedding album, at that very moment, next to your morning coffee and your first matrimonial breakfast. But what is really going on in the life of one photographer the day after the wedding?

How to organise a wedding in a country which language you don’t speak, with laws you’re not familiar with and possibly with social culture different from those of your own. Solution comes in one word - wedding planner. This is the person that can make your preparations easier no matter where or how you’re planning to do your wedding.



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