Your dream day is over and you want your photos as soon as possible. When and what can you expect from your wedding photos after the wedding?

The day of your wedding has arrived, the perfect day filled with emotions, special and magic moments, love, happiness…

After enjoying such a special and joyous day, next morning you're waking up still under the impression of all those emotions and unforgettable moments. And the only thing you wish for is your wedding album, at that very moment, next to your morning coffee and your first matrimonial breakfast. But what is really going on in the life of one photographer the day after the wedding?

Photographer spent the most beautiful day in your life with you, catching all the memorable moments because for most of the photos you only get one opportunity...and if you miss it, it's done, you've missed the boat.

Although you may think that he has done most of the work at the wedding day the truth is that it's only 30% of it and the real work begins only after the wedding itself. A pile of photos that have to find their way to the computer and from there on another magic happens. Photo editing.


It sometimes seems very hard, almost impossible, to single out top 100 most beautiful photos. But still, choosing carefully and going through the whole process thoughtfully I'm certain that I'll be delivering you the best moments of your wedding. And for that reason, when I'm talking to the future newlywed's I'm making it very clear that they will get the photos but within the agreed deadline because this process take time. For the same reason you won't find high quality professional photographer that will deliver you your album the next day. 

How does the process look like? To understand how to achieve perfect wedding album it's important to know that from one moment you can have hundreds of shots. Choosing the one or two that can represent that certain moment and tell the story behind the image is no easy thing to do.

During one wedding I personally make 4 – 5.000 shots. Why so many? From this number I need to select the best of the best and to those I devote myself to edit them. Another thing is that photos that I have in my camera are in completely different format from the ones you see on your computer screen or photo album. Those are unprocessed photographs that are allowing me to have total control over my images, editing each one of them to perfection.

Yes, every single one of them.

Every single one of them I shot, choose, edited, converted from one format to the other and devoted myself to all the imperfections of the photo to make it perfect. Image by image to the perfect album. 

I know it sounds complicated. Why shouldn't I just filter all the images at once and send it to you at least by the end of the first matrimonial week. 

Most newlyweds’ are expecting their photos impatiently and I can understand that. But the moment I give your album or access code for the photos I need to be sure you'll love them and that you'll be loving them in 5, 10 or 30 years to come.

You can be certain that there is no apprentice who photoshopped your photos in two magical swipes. Every photo is a special story for me and I want to dedicate myself to each and every one of them so you would get only the best. It's truly important to me that those images makes you happy years after. With the time needed to do that I'm sure that you'll have the perfect memory to which you'll always go back to...