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I’m thrilled you've stoped by my online home. My name is Maja and i'm a photojournalist & french bulldog lover with valid passport and big dreams... I am also a documentary wedding photographer in Croatia, with dreamy & emotive style, specializing in vintage and boho weddings.
My inspiration comes from people around me , places I get to visit and stories I get to witness…
I truly believe in real love and find it amazing how two people find each other, to spend their lives together and share both the good and the bad. 
It's why I love weddings and find it a big honour to be a “witness of love” who gets to preserve memories of one of the happiest days in one’s life. 
I strive to create meaningful moments, leaving you with mementoes that last… 
And while on that journey, Im about the experience just as much as the final product…
If you are a contemporary couple, looking to have your special day photographed in a relaxed and photojournalistic style, then get in touch. I’m available nationwide, covering weddings in Vis, Dubrovnik, Hvar, Istra and Zagreb, as well as for destination weddings. Can't wait to hear from you :)!

“Hi Maja,
We have just looked at the pictures - thank you - we LOVE them! We have just sat and laughed and cried remembering what an amazing day it was. You captured the smiles, laughter and tears of joy impeccably! What wonderful memories to look back on through your stunning photographs.  
We could not have picked a better photographer to share our day with us. 
Thank you again..."

Hi Maja,
I justed wanted to tell you „personally“ how much i love the pictures!!!!! Amazing!
 It is even difficult to find „favourites“ as all of them have something special.
It was as if i am reliving my wedding, by looking at the pictures!
Thx soooo much!!!!!

“We just wanted to say a final thank you for all 
of your wonderful photographs of our wedding – they are truly stunning
 and we couldn’t be happier. 
Thank you for coming all of the way to The Cotswolds to shoot our wedding
 and for putting in such a long shift on the day – shown clearly by the amount 
of beautiful photos you have captured. This is even more special to us than 
most as you know Tony’s brother Dan was sadly unable to join us and these 
photos have enabled us to talk him through our special day.”

Photography came to me at a time when I needed it most – in time when I didn’t know yet what I want to do in my life… After graduating from Faculty of Economics and Business my life paths are taking me in totally different directions (thank God on that) and while on that journey I discovered photographic medium. 2 years later, I enrolled Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb, Cinematography department which I finished in 2013.



From the very beginning, I found fashion photography the most interesting. That was my first love :). My second love turned out to be photojournalism and documentarism with which I had my first contact on 1st college year. And so, while I was dreaming of becoming the next Dorothea Lange or maybe James Nachtwey, I made a new “discovery” – wedding photography as the new area in which I can incorporate both. Anyway, a whole lot of discoveries :). Today I am so so so truly blessed to do what I really love and what am I, at the end of the line, made for…

* Graduated from Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb, Cinematography department

* Member of Croatian Association of Artists (HDLU)

* Member of Fearless Photographers



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